May 25

Hello universe,

I’ve decided to start a blog.

Ironically it’s this very blog you are reading right now.

If you happened stumbled across this or, you came here on purpose you are here and you are reading.

You may be asking yourself; Why have I radically decided to put myself out on the internet? Or you may not have been asking yourself that.

My answer is quite simple in fact some of you might already know it. I have done this radical thing (that will most likely embarrass me) simply because I wanted to add to the happiness in the world and on the internet.

The world is filled with so much sadness and we add so much more on the internet.You have a choice when it comes to the online world. You can either add to the happiness or choose not to.

When I was younger I would write in a notebook and call it “my diary.” I use to think I was an amazing writer. But going back and looking at it they sucked. Here’s an example of how it usually went;

“I had Peanut Butter for lunch today. Before math I ran into a kid. Sooo embarrassing . Okay bye”

Not exactly your next best seller, right? More like “couldn’t care less.”

Honestly I wanted to feel as if someone somewhere in the world could be able to read what I had to say.

And here I am—writing to you with a new identity.

So when I speak my mind I don’t lose a friend here and there. Because I don’t have many.

That’s why I’m not going to tell you my name.

That’s why I’m going to keep this tiny part of the internet anonymous.

So I can be 100% me.

In America we use the phrase “The American way.” But what is the American way? From the beginning America has believed that our way was the only right way. You could say that we have created a utopia. An ideal place of perfection. But what is perfection? Perfection cost too much. (Quite frankly I’m broke.)

Together let’s try to keep it real in the unreal world.

Let’s keep our little corner of the internet real. Or better yet let’s keep it real in our corner of the universe.

girlsomewhereintheworld—going back into the unreal world xx